• making self-care a priority
  • managing stress  
  • ​acknowledging the way you feel without judgement
  • having self-worth & knowing you matter
  • not being a perfectionist 
  • coping with difficult emotions
  • having realistic expectations
  • challenging negative thoughts and beliefs
  • not feeling guilty (about everything)  
  • connecting with yourself - mind, body & soul
  • managing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • doing what is best for your health
  • calming the mind
  • finding meaning in moments
  • playing with creativity
  • embracing relaxation
  • deepening your self awareness
  • increasing your ability to self reflect


Soulful Self-Care

Establishing an Inner Practice means...

The Inner Practice is taking a break at the moment as it enters into a cocoon stage.  This time is being spent reflecting, realigning, rediscovering and redirecting so The Inner Practice can transform into what it needs to be in order to best be of service.

Please check back at a future date.

If you need to contact me, you can email me:  belinda@theinnerpractice.co.nz