Soulful Self-Care

Establishing an Inner Practice means...

Why Self Care…..

It is normal for women to do EVERYTHING and be EVERYTHING… yet often no matter how much we give - it still never feels quite enough.  

More and more women are feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to the pressure placed on them, this can result in self worth being based upon what we achieve (or don't achieve) rather than who we are.   

We are expected to be a 'superwoman'.  But how well do we care for this 'superwoman'?  

Beneath the surface of what we project to the world, we can feel disconnected and dissatisfied.  Feeling fatigue and lacking in energy is often a constant struggle - and no wonder, it is exhausting being overwhelmed and so stressed.   Self Care is essential to ensure you meet your needs.  When your needs are met you have more to give others.

  • making self-care a priority
  • managing stress  
  • ​acknowledging the way you feel without judgement
  • having self-worth & knowing you matter
  • not being a perfectionist 
  • coping with difficult emotions
  • having realistic expectations
  • challenging negative thoughts and beliefs
  • not feeling guilty (about everything)  
  • connecting with yourself - mind, body & soul
  • managing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • doing what is best for your health
  • calming the mind
  • finding meaning in moments
  • playing with creativity
  • embracing relaxation
  • deepening your self awareness
  • increasing your ability to self reflect

An Inner Practice refers to our connection with the inner self - our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, hopes, expectations and needs.   Sometimes our inner world can be causing us pain rather than helping us.  Self care is about deepening the connection you have with your self, ensuring that you treat yourself with kindness and compassion while embracing calmness and creativity - I help people create an Inner Practice in their life.  When you have a strong connection with your inner world, it transforms the way you experience and perceive the outer world.  

The Inner Practice purpose is to help perfectly imperfect women 

meet their needs with self compassion, kindness, calmness and creativity.