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How to be 'happy' when there is unhappiness:

​​If you ask most people what they want from life – the answer is usually “to be happy”.  What does that mean and how do we achieve that especially when life gets rough?

Tilt instead of striving for balance

I have read A LOT of personal development, self-help and spiritual books, blogs and articles over the last 20 years.  I have to say, many of the concepts and advice may seem great in theory, but in reality, it can increase disillusionment or create unattainable goals that are not sustainable.

For example – take the statement “live a balanced life”.  That advice will appear pretty much anywhere there is anything said about how to be happier. 

I am totally calling bulls**t on it. 
It is impossible to live a ‘balance’ life that is full of meaning, value and purpose.    Why? 

What to do when everything is a struggle:

After a period of intense stress and anxiety – we can be left depleted.  It doesn’t matter why or what happened – it is painful, it is exhausting, it is depressing.

Everything seems so hard, you feel empty, drained and just so damn tired.  So what do you do when you feel like everything is a struggle? 

Here is the latest few:

​​Yesterday a friend told me about a huge decision she had made that was life changing.  As she conveyed her anxiety and fear about the future I couldn’t help but smile.   Even though it might feel uncomfortable when we are about to embark on major change – it isn’t a bad thing.  Fear and anxiety aren’t always bad.

I smiled because of her courage. 
I smiled because of her bravery. 
I smiled because eventually both things are rewarded – often not in the way we expect but in the end we always get to the point where we say “it was totally worth it”.  Sometimes that day takes a while. ​